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Liver in sepsis: a great game for homeostasis
Jacek Juszczyk
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2005; 5 5-11
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Katedra i Klinika Chorób Zakaźnych Akademii Medycznej im. Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu

Liver plays a major role in sepsis as an organ very early involved in the pathological processes of systemic inflammatory reaction. It is connected with several factors: activation of Kupffer cells, influence of hepatocytes on proinflammatory cytokines, high rate production of the acute-phase proteins, and participation in complex net of coagulation. As a consequences the liver is directly or indirectly source of two factors: its play a role as an important organ in homeostatsis, and in opposite site, may be one of the victim of the syndrome of multiorgan dysfunction. Presented paper is review of the problem from the point of view of literature data.

ICID 16106

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