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Evaluation of the Polish Interferon Program for children with chronic HBV infection
Marka Woynarowskiego, Jerzego Sochy
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2005; 5 95-100
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Klinika Gastroenterologii Hepatologii i Immunologii Instytutu Pomnika Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka w Warszawie

The program of interferon treatment for children with chronic HBV infection was conducted in Poland between 1993 and 1999. The current evaluation of the program is based on the data collected during the program. ORGANISATION OF THE PROGRAM: Within 3 years prior to the program beginning there were 400 children treated with interferon for HBV infection. There were a few centers that treated chronic HBV infection in children and the schedules of treatment differed among them. The program allowed to unify the treatment schedule, to increase the number of centers (up to 26) and to increase the number of interferon treated children (up to 3700). EVALUATION OF THE EARLY PROGRAM EFFICACY: We collected the data for 1544 subjects. At the end of therapy HBe was negative in 30.7% and HBs was negative in 5.1%. One year after interferon discontinuation HBe was negative in 52.9% and HBs was negative in 10.4%. The better treatment response was noted in younger children (5.5 vs 6.33 years, p

ICID 16121

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