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Neuropsychiatric symptoms associated with HCV infection
Marcin Czarnecki, Małgorzata Inglot, Krzysztof Małyszczak, Weronika Rymer, Tomasz Pawłowski, Andrzej Gładysz
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2005; 5 109-114
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Katedra i Klinika Chorób Zakaźnych, Chorób Wątroby i Nabytych Niedoborów Odporności AM we Wrocławiu
Katedra i Klinika Psychiatrii AM we Wrocławiu

Psychiatric comorbidity especially fatigue and depression is often associated with hepatitis C. HCV has been implicated in affecting of the central nervous system, but whether HCV can directly infect CNS is unclear. The detection of HCV RNA negative strand in post mortem CNS tissues suggests that virus can replicate in the brain. However, there is evidence that neuropsychiatric symptoms can be attributed to anxiety regarding diagnosis, poor prognosis and treatment problems.
Neuropsychiatric side effects of interferon alpha are frequently observed during therapy of HCV infected patients. There are mood changes, cognitive impairment and depression. These affective disorders are important cause of poor compliance, therapeutic discontinuations and treatment cessation. A better understanding of these implications and close monitoring psychiatric symptoms during therapy chronic hepatitis C will help in management of HCV infected patients. It is recommended to include psychiatrists in the treatment team and eventually preventive prescription of antidepressants (SSRIs).

ICID 16124

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