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Twist and turns of hepatitis C infection: recovery or chronic disease?
Jacek Juszczyk
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2006; 6 8-11
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The precise mechanisms responsible for recovery from hepatitis C have not been fully elucidated. There are many determinants for such outcome of HCV infection. The innate and cellular immune system has a role in this process. Multispecific and strongly virus-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells are associated with recovery. In contrast, a weak response establishes persistent infection and chronic hepatitis. However, substantial progress have been made in the past few years in our knowledge on the pathogenesis of this infection. Each step of the viral cycle can now be studied using new genetic methods. In the field of the immunology of HCV infection we also have very important new data, the most significant being the roles of dendritic cells, T regulatory cell functions, and the modulation of HCV RNA by a liver-specific microRNA. All these scientific data may be applied to antiviral intervention in the future. The article is a short summary of the basic questions connected with these problems.

ICID 449220

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