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Surgical treatment patients with primary liver tumor (HCC)
Jacek Pawlak
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2006; 6 69-73
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The aim of this study was to present experience in the surgical treatment of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in liver cirrhosis. The surgery of HCC is essentially no different from that involving other liver tumors, but the selection of patients is rendered more difficult by the need to consider not only the staging of the tumor, but also of the underlying liver disease. Resection is clearly the best option for HCC in the setting of a non-cirrhotic liver, while at the other extreme OLTx is probably the best option for smaller tumors in patients with advanced cirrhosis. These scenarios only cover a minority of patients, with most patients having a combination of large or multiple tumors in the setting of cirrhosis. The surgical approach should focus on the precise surgical technique aimed at achieving clear resection margins and at minimizing blood loss while preserving liver parenchyma. Postoperative complications are more frequent after resection in patients with cirrhosis and their consequences are often more profound. Therefore intensive support is usually required to get patients through the postoperative period.

ICID 449252

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