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Palliative treatment of patients with hapatocellular carcinoma
Bogdan Michałowicz
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2006; 6 74-77
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The increasing prevalence and detectability of hepatocellular carcinoma does not correlate with the improved effectiveness of surgical treatment. Indications for surgery are limited by both anatomical conditions and impairment of liver function. Liver transplantation also has its limitations. A large number of patients who do not meet the criteria of resectional treatment can be treated by palliative methods, such as perarterial chemoembolization, ethanol injection, thermoablation, and cryoablation. This type of treatment does not solve all problems of inoperable liver tumors, but in many cases of hepatocellular carcinoma it slows down the progression of malignancy. In patients listed for liver transplantation it helps to keep the malignancy under control.

ICID 449253

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