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Liver transplantation in Poland in comparison to European results
Piotr Małkowski, Jarosław Czerwiński, Dariusz Wasiak, Marta Łaba, Anna Pszenny, Dominika Gutowska, Marek Pacholczyk, Andrzej Chmura, Beata Łągiewska, Leszek Adadyński, Maciej Kosieradzki, Artur Kwiatkowski, Janusz Trzebicki, Piotr Kaliciński, Joanna Pawłowska, Leszek Pączek, Magdalena Durlik
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2007; 7 3-8
aaICID: 485973
Article type: Review article
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The authors present current status of liver transplantation (LTx) in Poland. Till the end of 2006, 1257 LTx were performed: 941 in adults and 316 in children; 103 of them were living donor LTx. In Europe, since 1968, more than 70 000 LTX were performed. Postinflamatory cirrhosis in adults and biliary atresia in children were the most common indications for LTx. The results of LTx in Poland are good and comparable with the results published by other centers
in Europe. The number of available cadaveric grafts is increasing in Poland and in 2004 achieved an index of harvestings as high as 14.7 per milion of habitants. In 2006 index decreased to 13.0.

ICID 485973

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