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Application of breath tests to assess liver function
Wojciech Jańczyk, Piotr Socha, Joanna Pawłowska, Jerzy Socha
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2007; 7 85-93
aaICID: 486002
Article type: Review article
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Conventional liver tests used as diagnostic standard in medicine often lack quantitative estimation of hepatic metabolic capacity. On the contrary to these static methods, dynamic carbon-labeled breath tests are able to assess the functional liver capacity being also safe and non-invasive. A variety of breath tests investigates different metabolic pathways (microsomal, cytosolic and mitochondrial) using many exogenous compounds metabolized in liver
and then analyzing concentration of exhaled *CO2. Breath tests became useful in management of liver diseases (as cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, steatosis, alcoholic liver disease, acute rejection after liver transplantation etc.) not only for diagnosis but also providing information about prognosis complementary to other conventional tests. Although breath tests’ results are valuable and promising in assessing liver function, their reliability has been never proved in large clinical trials and they have never been widely introduced into medical practice. The aim of this review was to highlight current facts concerning application of breath tests to assess liver function.

ICID 486002

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