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HCV therapy – still on our way from empiricism to eradication
Marta Wawrzynowicz-Syczewska, Urszula Ołdakowska-Jedynak
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2008; 8 15-18
aaICID: 862315
Article type: Review article
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Since HCV discovery in 1989 a big effort has been made to improve antiviral treatment results. Purely cytoplasmic life cycle of the virus and lack of the persistent intracellular forms are highly encouraging. During two decades of our experience with anti-HCV therapy different treatment regimens and drug doses have been tried, but even introduction of ribavirin and pegylated form of interferon-alfa result in sustained viral response only in two third of treated patients. Moreover, results highly depend on the stage of the disease, patient’s age and HCV genotype, being rather mediocre in older cirrhotic patients, infected with genotype non-2,3. For the time being interferon seems to be a basis for the anti-HCV therapy and novel drugs, now emerging on the market, will be combined with interferon instead of or together with ribavirin. Intensive studies on HCV pathogenesis and the genetic background of response to antiviral therapy, although promising and undoubtedly informative, do not give enough clues for the therapeutic puzzle.

ICID 862315

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