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Cyclophilin inhibitors in therapy of HCV infections
Magdalena Rogalska-Płońska, Robert Flisiak
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2008; 8 19-23
aaICID: 862329
Article type: Review article
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Authors present results of current status of research on selective cyclophilin inhibitors, which demonstrate a potent anti-HCV effect acting at the level of host-viral interaction. Cyclophilins are ubiquitous proteins in several cellular systems supposed to be a positive modulator of the HCV RNA-dependent RNA polymerase in the replication complex. Preclinical data suggest that cyclophilins inhibitors demonstrate strong suppressive effect on HCV viral replication, which is accompanied by a higher barrier to the selection of drug resistance than protease and polymerase inhibitors. Moreover additive or synergistic anti-HCV activity could be reached in combined treatment with interferons. Therefore, cyclophilin inhibitors seem to open the new approach to anti-HCV treatment.

ICID 862329

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