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Cryglobulinemia in viral chronic hepatitis
Tadeusz Wojciech Łapiński, Robert Flisiak
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2008; 8 24-26
aaICID: 862331
Article type: Review article
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Mixed cryoglobulinemia can be found in over 50% of HCV infected patients. In the most serious cases it causes vasculitis and injury of renal glomerule. Cryoglobulinemia decreases efficiency of antiviral therapy. On the other hand even if dissapeares during antiviral therapy, it turns back in 40% of patients after treatment completion. Breakthrough in cryoglobulinemia therapy are new, selective, drugs activating apoptosis in lymphocytes B, responsible for cryoglobulines synthesis.

ICID 862331

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