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Hypoxic liver injury
Danuta Dudzik, Małgorzata Knaś, Róża Wiśniewska, Małgorzata Borzym-Kluczyk, Krzysztof Raczkowski, Marek Niczyporuk, Alina Kępka, Ewa Dutkiewicz, Katarzyna Knaś-Karaszewska, Sławomir Szajda, Maciej Sadowski, Joanna Jakimowicz-Rudy, Krzysztof Zwierz
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2008; 8 44-47
aaICID: 862335
Article type: Review article
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Hypoxic liver injury (HLI), also known as hypoxic hepatitis, is due to inadequate oxygen uptake by the centrilobular hepatocytes, resulting in apoposis or necrosis. The pathophysiology of hepatic ischemia includes a decrease in ATP production and increase in activity of intra- and extracellular proteases. Hypoxia inducible factor (HIF-1) adapts liver cells to hypoxia by increase in expression of glycolytic enzymes, glucose transporters and proteins  responsible for long life span of the liver cells. HIF-1 also increases expression of factors stimulating maturation of erythrocytes and angiogenesis. Hypoxia influence on many organs, including heart muscle and skin.

ICID 862335

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