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Bone disease in chronic liver diseases
Joanna Musialik, MichaƂ Petelenz
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2008; 8 87-91
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Article type: Review article
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This article reviews metabolic bone disease named hepatic osteodystrophy in patients with chronic liver diseases with different etiology. Etiology of osteopenia in liver diseases remains unknown, but the problem seems to be general. Bone pains and symptomatic fractures are connected with worseningthe quality of life. Multiple factors contribute to the development of hepatic osteodystrophy. Patients at high risk of osteoporosis include those with evidence of cirrhosis, cholestatic liver disease, hypogonadism, steroid therapy. Other general factors in patients with chronic liver disease is immobility, malnutrition with small body frame, alcohol consumption. Osteoporosis is usually defined clinically by non-invasive imaging test (dual-photon absiorbtiometry). Reduction in bone mass density (osteopenia or osteoporosis) should be connected with the beginning supplementation or pharmacological therapy. Because its underlying mechanisms are unknown and probably composed of multiple factors there is no specific therapy to treat and prevent the osteopenia in chronic liver diseases. Most potential therapeutic strategies are drawn. Non-pharmacological interventions include physical activity, adequate calcium intake and diet, reduction of other risk factors. Drugs are also available (include bishosphonates, hormone replacement therapy and calcitonin) and their prescription should be decided on a case-by-case basis.

ICID 862359

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