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The risk of bleeding among patients with postinflammatory liver cirrhosis
Krzysztof Simon, Sylwia Serafińska, Monika Pazgan-Simon
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2010; 10 40-44
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Article type: Review article
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Our hemostasis is in many aspects dependent upon a normal liver function. Patients with postinflammatory liver cirrhosis have an increased risk of bleeding. The coagulopathy of liver dysfunctions, ranging from bleeding to thrombosis, involves blood vessels, thrombocytes, coagulation and fibrynolytic proteins and various regulatory processes. The most important etiologies of bleeding risk in liver cirrhotic patients are portal hypertension associated changes, eg.oesopageal varices, decreased number and decreased function of platelets, clotting factor deficiency, particulary decreased production caused by vitamin K deficiency, and fibrynolysis.The mortality risk during acute variceal hemorrhage is high, currently about15– 20% at six weeks, but lower than twenty years ago. Although the low platelet counts are not readily associated with risk of variceal hemorrhage, but are associated with risk of surgical and dental procedure bleeding.

ICID 911671

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