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Update on new drugs for chronic hepatitis C
Anna Parfieniuk-Kowerda, Robert Flisiak
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2010; 10 77-84
aaICID: 911692
Article type: Review article
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Hepatitis C virus infection affects 180 million people worldwide. Standard anti-
HCV therapy is based on immunomodulatory effect of interferon and direct antiviral activity of ribavirin. The efficacy of this treatment, about 50% in most prevalent genotype 1 HCV infection, is unsatisfactory. Therefore there is an obvious need for the new therapeutic agents and modifications of standard therapy that would allow to enhance efficacy of treatment. The research on novel anti-HCV therapeutics is multidirectional. However, the main streams are focused on the inhibition of HCV specific enzymes and interfering in virus-host interactions. According to results of recent clinical trials the triple therapy based on pegylated interferon, ribavirin and protease inhibitor demonstrates significantly improved antiviral efficacy vs. standard treatment. Moreover, novel formulas of interferon and analogues of ribavirin, devoid of some unfavorable side effects, displaying increased antiviral potency might become the essential component of future anti-HCV therapy. Triple therapy seems to become standard in near future. Therefore, the following studies are targeted on the development of therapies without interferon or ribavirin.

ICID 911692

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