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Coinfections HBV and HCV in HIV patients
Alicja Wiercińska-Drapało
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2010; 10 89-94
aaICID: 911694
Article type: Review article
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The epidemics of HIV, HBV and HCV overlap because of the shared routes of transmission, with around 10% of the HIV-infected population estimated to have chronic HBV infection and around 30% to be infected with HCV. Coinfections with these viruses cause a growing problem. The major cause of death after AIDS-related death are the liver diseases in HIV-infected people. In clinical studies, factors associated with advanced liver disease have been incompletely explored in HIV/HBV or HIV/HCV coinfected patients. The clinical course HBV or HCV infection is substantially determined by HIV – associated immunosupression. Despite the danger of antiretroviral-associated hepatotoxicity, cART may be beneficial for the liver of the patients with viral hepatitis co-infection. The present – day guidelines recommend diagnostics of the hepatic viral infections and therapy of every HIV- infected person, if needed.

ICID 911694

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