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„My” liver
Jacek Juszczyk
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2011; 11 7-13
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The author, a retired medecine professor and a specialist in infectious diseases,
presented his achievements in hepatology on the basis of over fifty carefully selected works
published during decades of scientific, academic and clinical work. The principal point of
interest of the autor and his collaborators, as well as of the teams he was a member of, were
liver inflammation of various etiology, mainly viral (hepatitis B and C) and changes in liver in
the course of various clinical forms of brucellosis (etiology: Brucella abortus). Published works
include studies on: liver functions (mainly research on chromodiagnostic with the use of BSP
and ICG), liver pathomorfology (especially with electron microscopy), immunopathology, serology,
clinical biochemistry and therapeutical problems (immunostimulation, antiviral treatment
with interferons) as well as observations concerning the durability of anti-HBV vaccines. The
author disscuses also his own articles devoted to hepatology in general and his own monographies
on treatment of liver diseases and hepatitis B and C.

ICID 970885

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