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Diagnostic problems in HCC diagnosis with patients with liver cirrhosis
Monika Pazgan-Simon, Krzysztof Simon
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2011; 11 71-74
aaICID: 970951
Article type: Review article
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Primary liver cancer (HCC) is the fifth most commonly recognizable cancer in
the world. Its progression tends to be very rapid, therefore, considering subtle clinical manifestations,
it makes the early diagnosis difficult. Cirrhosis of the liver, regardless of etiology is
the most significant risk factor for the HCC development among Polish patients, Patients presenting
this kind of pathology should have effective screening performed using the most up
to date technology available, because as we know the earlier stages of the disease are managable
and have remarkably better susceptibility to treatment. Earlier diagnosis consequently
leads to the improvement of the overall result of treatment. In this review we focus on assesment
of widely recognized, traditional, and introduced diagnostic techniques and algorithms
with high sensitivity and specificity values.

ICID 970951

DOI 10.5604/17305039.970951

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