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Fibrinolysis in chronic liver disease
Piotr Czupryński, Marta Wawrzynowicz-Syczewska
Medical Science Review - Hepatologia 2011; 11 94-96
aaICID: 970955
Article type: Review article
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Integrity of vascular system is guarded by a complicated system of interplaying
cellular and humoral processes that include: primary hemostasis (platelets and the vessel’s
wall), coagulation (thrombin generation and conversion of fibrinogen into fibrin) and fibrinolysis
(fibrin clot dissolution). In the advanced chronic liver disease an acquired hemostasis dysfunction
is observed such as prolonged bleeding time, chronic activation of coagulation and
secondary hyperfibrinolysis. Depending on the type of impairment either thrombosis or bleeding
can occur. Most observations, based on measurements of individual components of the
system suggest hyperfibrinolytic state in decompensated liver cirrhosis but further observations
are necessary to assess its true role in the initiation/maintenance of bleeding events.

ICID 970955

DOI 10.5604/17305039.970955

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